Special Collections & Archives. University of Waterloo Library

Special Collections & Archives. University of Waterloo Library

Description of your institution:

Name of institution: Special Collections & Archives. University of Waterloo Library
Mailing address: Dana Porter Library. 200 University Avenue W. Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1
Email address: library.scaref@uwaterloo.ca
Website: https://uwaterloo.ca/library/special-collections-archives/

Description of how and when your institution started acquiring archival, library or artifact collections relating to parapsychology:

Our parapsychology collections primarily relate to séances: the Maines Pincock family fonds and the Thomas Lacey séance collection. These collections contain notes taken during séances, spirit writing, as well as 155 audio reels of séances recorded in the 1960s.

We also hold approximately 1,000 parapsychology rare books, covering topics ranging from mediumship to spiritualism.

Your main collections in the field, including the names of prominent creators:

Your collections page relating to parapsychology holdings:

Special Collections: Spiritualism and Theosophy

Published works created using your parapsychology collections, including books, plays, artwork, both non-fiction and fiction:

Radiant healing : gender, belief and alternative medicine in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, 1927-1935 by Robertson, Beth A.
Anatomy of a seance : a history of spirit communication in central Canada by McMullin, Stanley Edward
From Collection to Community: Exploring Spiritualism and Jenny Pincock’s Lily Dale by Jenna Philbrick (click to watch video)


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