The PHCP group has met twice, in 2014 and 2018, to discuss what can be done to better preserve and make accessible collections of archives, library and artifact materials relating to the paranormal.

PHCP | 2014 – click here for presentation materials

PHCP | 2018 – click here for details and download meeting materials

PHCP | Spring 2022 – Utrecht, Holland

SEATED (left to right): Deborah Gural, Shelley Sweeney, Blynne Olivieri, Walter Meyer zu Erpen, Margarita Guillory
STANDING (left to right): Anna Shparberg, Roy Stemman, Katherine Thomas, Wim Kramer, Tom Beck, Nick Richbell, Patricia Cyrus, Walter Quan, Selma Hofstra, J. Gordon Melton, Jim Nickels, Jessica Lacher-Feldman and Natalya Rattan

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