PHCP | 2018

Moving Forward: Preserving the Historical Collections of Parapsychology

PHCP | 2018 Meeting Dates: Friday to Monday, 11 to 14 May 2018

Place: University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections, Room 330 Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Host Institution: University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Meeting Purpose: Those of us working to preserve the historical collections of parapsychology, including original research archives, published library materials, rare artifacts, and large sets of
scientific data, need new ways of thinking about and promoting ourselves and our collections. We need new means of service delivery to be able to move forward in a more deliberate and consistent manner than is currently possible.

Meeting Sponsors: University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections; Survival Research Institute of Canada

SEATED (left to right): Deborah Gural, Shelley Sweeney, Blynne Olivieri, Walter Meyer zu Erpen, Margarita Guillory
STANDING (left to right): Anna Shparberg, Roy Stemman, Katherine Thomas, Wim Kramer, Tom Beck, Nick Richbell, Patricia Cyrus, Walter Quan, Selma Hofstra, J. Gordon Melton, Jim Nickels, Jessica Lacher-Feldman and Natalya Rattan

In 2014, a highly successful first “Preserving the Historical Collections of Parapsychology” conference (PHCP | 2014) was hosted by the Het Johan Borgman Fonds in Utrecht, Holland. It was attended largely by archivists, librarians and historians living in Europe and Britain, as well as a handful from Canada and the United States. Our discussions demonstrated the passion, commitment and knowledge of the group assembled in Utrecht.

This second gathering (PHCP | 2018) was intended as a meeting rather than a conference. We are proposing a limited number of short presentations to help introduce discussion around topics intended to elicit new insights and perspectives. To provide as much opportunity for participant discussion and input as possible, we would like to maintain flexible timing of sessions.

You can download the meeting materials:

PHCP | 2018 meeting schedule

PHCP | 2018 participant list

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