Description of your institution:

Name of institution: International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals (IAPSOP)
Mailing address: Suite 333, 2011 17th Avenue, Forest Grove, Oregon 97116 USA
Email address: iapsop@lexivore.com
Website: www.iapsop.com

Description of how and when your institution started acquiring archival, library or artifact collections relating to parapsychology:

We began digitizing and preserving Spiritualist and occult periodicals in 2009, as it became clear to a small group of Spiritualist historians that many repository libraries were de-accessioning their Spiritualist periodical holdings, while others were making it prohibitively expensive for researchers to obtain digital copies of those materials. IAPSOP is a private, self-funding entity that pays its own expenses, and distributes all material without fee, or other cost (e.g., capturing and selling personally identifiable information, selling advertisements, etc.).

Your main collections in the field, including the names of prominent creators:

We buy, digitize and distribute periodicals and monographs in approximately a dozen languages related to the modern occult: roughly, the period between the Congress of Vienna and the outbreak of the Second World War. Our collections are concentrated in Spiritualism, Theosophy and New Thought.

Your collections page relating to parapsychology holdings:

www.iapsop.com/archive/materials for periodicals

www.iapsop.com/ssoc/ for monographs

www.iapsop.com/lessons for private (usually mail-order) lessons

www.iapsop.com/ephemera for ephemera (séance records, photographs, digitized manuscripts, etc.)


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